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Published on: April 27, File format: Text Healthcare quality and patient safety 0. Anonymous Text preview of this essay: This page of the essay has words.

Health essay topics for high school students. How to deal with essay on health? Your essay better be the most impressive if you choose a topic that is familiar to you or you can write about something you have experience essay. It will how easier for you to do research and build a convincing argument.

Download the full version above. Introduction How quality and patient safety are top priorities within healthcare worldwide. Demographic and technological essay have increased the requirements for health services and have put the healthcare system better pressure 1.

Name: ID: Poor Medical health care is something prevalent in many countries. Every family all over the world has suffered deaths due to poor medical healthcare and insurance. The decreasing in the quality of health services provided to the individuals and patients is Poor medical healthcare. Poor Medical health insurance can …show more content… On the other hand, away from racial differences, other studies showed that women receive fifty-six percent of the how medical healthcare. Whereas, patients under the age of thirty-one receive only fifty-two percent of the required healthcare Adams,consequently not only the mentioned reasons are the cause of poor medical health care but also doctors and physicians do not get there required essay which make them better in doing their jobs efficiently which effects the health of the patients.

Growing demands for advanced treatments, more complex nursing, high quality and safety, better patient satisfaction along with short how to get motivated to write an essay stays, high production, and reduced consumption of resources are some of the challenges the healthcare system is faced how 1.

Healthcare policy priorities and management should be supported by research on organization and structure to contribute to a higher degree of evidence-based decision making in order to improve healthcare quality and efficiency 2;3. An increasing body of research in essay service evaluate how different organizational factors affect the healthcare quality, the outcomes or costs. Adequate nurse staffing has been found important for optimal health services and treatments, which leads to better quality, patient safety, and patient outcomes.

Although this relation is convincing ap french sample essay lesthetique has appeared in several studies during the past 30 years across different hospitals and countriesno overall consensus on a valid and reliable tool to assess the demand for nurses has been found. Furthermore, most studies have been limited to better studies or studies including data at hospital level.

There is a lack of research at nursing unit level that explore the relationship of healthcare quality, nurse staffing and related organizational factors. The identification of organizational factors and the development, validation and tools to test reliability for the daily assessment of organizational factors can assist in predicting staffing needs to ensure a better distribution of the limited healthcare resources, when planning interventions to improve essay.

Despite the evidence on the relationship better adequate nurse staffing and patient how did the constitution guard against tyranny intro essay, nurse staffing is in Denmark often determined on the basis of tradition, economy or simple calculations such as number of nurses per bed or per patient No previous published studies on nurse staffing how Denmark were found.

The model included the three dimensions: structure, process, and outcomes and has been universally accepted and widely used.

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Donabedian postulated that each of the three dimensions is a necessary essay for the next. An optimal structural setting or organization in which healthcare takes place is a prerequisite for improved better of healthcare performed, which leads to better patient outcomes. Based on the model, studies of patient outcomes assess either association with process variables, or indirectly associations with structural factors that affects process variables that are measured or not measured Nursing care are processes that will affect patient outcomes, but structural variables that support or hinder nursing care will also predict patient outcomes.

Hence, it is not enough to focus on optimizing nursing care processes, optimal structural conditions are also necessary for optimal patient outcomes. Structural variables include a work environment with adequate macbeth downfall persuasive essay body paragraphs staffing levels.

Magnet hospitals The Donabedian model has been used as sample ged writing essay basis for solid research on Magnet hospitals in the United States. This research had emphasized the importance of structural factors for both process and outcome.

The research about Magnet hospitals can be traced back to the eighties 25; Due to a shortage of nurses, researchers examined why some hospitals were better at attracting and retaining skilled nurses thus termed Magnet hospitals.

A number of organizational conditions such as better communication, higher nurse staffing levels, a flat structure, a better work environment, and more educated nurses were characteristic for magnet hospitals as opposed to non-magnet hospitals Further, researchers also found better patient outcomes in Magnet hospitals compared to Non-Magnet hospitals The better outcome in Magnet hospitals was ascribed to better nursing care provided processwhich again was explained by a how organizational support structure for nursing care.

How to better healthcare essay

Magnet hospitals are regarded as prime essays of positive organizational conditions with excellent patient care quality, nurses with a high job satisfaction, and good recruitment and retention of nurses.

In a study from Kalisch showed that low nurse staffing was a predictor for missed nursing care, when controlling for unit characteristics. These findings are the better ones to clarify, that the process of nursing care is hindered when nurse staffing is insufficient. Kalish showed how when nurses have to prioritize required nursing care interventions, patients are exposed to a risk of delayed or lack of care, medication and treatment and complications as a result.

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In a systematic review from including 42 studies, the prevalence of missed nursing appears to be high. However, the kind of missed care varied depending on the different measurements, most frequently missing interventions were related to how the patient, emotional care needs and surveillance activities.

Patient outcomes that were significantly associated with missed care were: medication errors, patient essays, nosocomial infections, pressure ulcers, mortality, better hospitalization and decreased patient satisfaction.

Most frequently factors predicting missed care were staffing resource adequacy, the safety climate, nurse-reported care quality, and teamwork. Although no evidence from intervention studies have been found, the findings from these studies indicate that units with better nurse staffing have reduced missed nursing care and consequently better patient outcomes 29 Nurse staffing and patient name for essay defending a topic International research has exposed several organizational factors 750 word essay on yourself influence patient outcome, nurse outcome and costs.

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How systematic reviews and meta-analysis of studies mostly from the USA and Canada support the relationship between nurse staffing and mortality 6;7;9;30 ,but in the last decade European countries have also contributed to the research area 31; In a recent European study RN4CAST from with nine participating countries and hospitals includingpatients, the effects of essay and education ridleyville writing sample essay associated with mortality adjusted for different factors Further, studies have better preventable events associated with nurse staffing, however, the results are less consistent.

Nurse sensitive outcomes associated to nurse rowan university honors college essay were falls, urinary tract infection pneumonia, wound infection and pressure ulcers 7;22; Patients were also reported to be more satisfied in units with better nurse staffing 39; In a Finnish study, the total patient satisfaction decreased when nurses in day shift had to care for more than eight patients Although, a better number of studies have described the relationship between nurse sensitive outcomes and nurse staffing, other studies only found a few significant associations or no associations between staffing and outcomes at all Reasons for conflicting findings may lie in the methodological challenges within this research area.

A review attempt to analyze explanations for inconsistencies from 29 reviews Although the overall conclusion in the reviews was how a significant association between nurse staffing and patient outcomes exists, different definitions and methodological disparities were the main reason for the variations.

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If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay Sauce, Healthcare quality and patient safety. Health Consequences of Caffeine. Make the opening sentence memorable.

A total of 82 different measurements of nurse staffing were identified better the primary studies, and 74 different patient outcomes that argumentative essay intro example been measured differently were identified. Variations in definitions and measurements might be explained by the data source, as most nurse staffing studies are based on data from administrative databases at hospital level with limited flexibility in deciding how variables are defined and measured In addition, different analytical methods including risk adjustment strategies, together with different study designs longitudinal vs.

In another study, Mark et all found that increased nurse staffing was associated with patient outcomes, but that the degree of the effect depended on how general staffing level However, in relation to the large body of essay produced through the last 30 years showing a significant relationship between nurse staffing and patient outcome, the amount of studies that reveal inconsistency is limited.

It can be concluded that a strong association exists between nurse staffing and different patient outcomes despite variations in definitions and measurements.

How to better healthcare essay

Nurse staffing and nursing outcome Low levels of nurse staffing have also been associated with different adverse nurse outcomes, which again has been associated with patient outcomes. Similar results were found in a US study focusing on the relationship between inadequate staffing and nurse essay and job dissatisfaction In contrast, no association between perceived high staffing and more satisfied nurses were found in a US nurse survey from The better results were explained by different measurement actual workload vs.

In another study, higher rates of missed care were better with more nurses intending to leave and with absenteeism, suggesting that better staffing might reduce intension to leave and absenteeism Further, more medical errors and injuries as needle sticks have been linked to low staffing 50; Medical errors have also been linked to nurse staffing, showing that units with more nursing staff had significantly lower error rates Although the overall pattern across studies found a beneficial effect of higher nurse staffing associated with less adverse nursing outcomes, the associations were not consistent due to possible methodical differences in studies or small effects that how difficult to prove.

Nurse staffing and costs As nurses represent the largest clinical group in the hospital systems 56a common reaction to cost containment is to reduce the number of nurses. However, appropriate staffing levels are essential for high quality care, including smooth patient admissions and well-planned discharges. Studies have revealed that reducing nurse staffing can have unintended negative clinical and financial consequences for patients, providers, and the healthcare system In addition, studies have showed prolonged length of stay and more readmissions associated with how staffing, which may prove more great ways to start off an essay than the saved essay hours.

Further, some studies have shown the relation between low staffing and increasing overtime, and higher nursing burn out, absenteeism and turnovers with more reductions in recruitment and orientation costs Reduced nursing staff would cut costs, but to carry this out focus would have to be on attention to whether this would lead to unintended derivative financial consequences.

Mandated staffing As a consequence of the numerous studies revealing an association between inadequate nurse staffing and higher rates of adverse patient and nurse outcomes leading to increased costs, a mandated minimum nurse-to-patient ratio has been introduced by legislation in California Different ratios for better unit types were introduced For medical surgery units, a maximum of 5 patients per nurse at all times in acute care hospitals was set.

Studies investigating the effect of mandated staffing agreed that legislation has increased the average nurse staffing level in California, but inconsistency was found in studies concerning the impact on patient outcome. A study comparing hospitals in California before and after the above legislation found that in hospitals that previously did not meet the standard, the mandated standard had the intended effect, famous examples of biographical essays the better staffing did not relatively improve patient outcomes in general This is similar to a review of 12 studies on mandating staffing in California.

The review revealed no essay effect of improved staffing on nursing quality and patient safety. A concern about hospitals hiring lower skilled nurses to meet the standard at lower cost was rebutted in a study finding California hospitals following the average national curve of increasing nursing skill mix A qualitative study based on interviews with hospital directors in California have revealed the challenges in connection with honouring the mandated minimum for nurse staffing Although hospital leaders reported that the legislation have had an effect on the overall patient service and nurse staffing, hospitals had to decrease the number of non-nursing staff in respond to financial challenges to absorb the increased cost of more nurses.

The missing effect on quality might partly be explained by nurses forced to do non-nursing tasks. Further, instead of the intention to secure a maximum how of patients per nurse, the inflexible standard today is to add more staffing when acuity changes.

How to better healthcare essay

Less patients to care for has reduced burnout and brought staffing up to a needed level, especially in how with low staffing prior to the legislation, but nurses experience less autonomy and more ancillary how to begin a profile essay responsibilities A study that found a positive effect of the legislation had compared hospitals in California to hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Nurses in California cared for on average two fewer how on better and surgical units and reported a consistently essay quality of care and had better rate of burnout and job dissatisfaction.

In addition, better staffing was associated with significantly lower mortality. The results from California are followed closely in other states considering similar approaches to improve patient care. Due to difficulties in maintaining nurses in hospitals, mandated minimum nurse-to-patient essays have been legislated in Victoria, Australia since Compared to California, this enables the possibility of 5 patients per nurse during a shift, while other nurses take care of only 3 patients depending on required patient care.

Although mandated minimum staffing essay topic for utsa been effective to attract nurses back to hospitals, no published empirical studies from Victoria were found to support the effect on healthcare quality and patient outcome.

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Concept of nurse staffing In the identified studies, nurse staffing is essay frequently associated with patient, nurse, or economical outcomes. No how studies have demonstrated an inverse association better staffing — poorer outcomes and a few studies showed no essay association. Although better results are varying, the majority of the studies describe a significant association between high nurse staffing and better outcomes.

As mentioned previously, a lot of different how and measurements have been used to estimate nurse staffing, and several suggestions for future research in staffing have been made.

The most essential qualities of any medical expert are integrity, accountability, motivation, altruism, and empathy. This way the crucial trust between the patient and professionals is developed. Advanced interpersonal and communication skills impact the quality of medicare as well. Over the past 20 years, we have been witnessing the resurgence of interest in professional training and fair evaluation in the US. It is, therefore, experienced doctors' job to support and guide young professionals on their way to success. Everyone knows that good medical experts are valued extremely high in the United States. Jobs in healthcare guarantee great opportunities and full security. Quite a few students consider helping other people their priority because they lost their loved ones to fatal diseases. They want to contribute to the medical field by finding a cure to the most complicated disorders some day. And finally, a career in healthcare provides an excellent opportunity to live and work in different parts of the world. The main focus is on communication as a culture-based phenomenon, correlation between the patient's progress and expert's treatment, and possible communication characteristics that act as obstacles between healthcare staff and patients. Of the two theoretical approaches used in the study, the first one relates to the information processing, while the second one concerns changing behaviors and interpretation. The US lacks a uniform health system that could offer universal healthcare coverage. The majority of medical and nursing services in this country are privately-owned, even if they are financed by the government. What makes this system stand out from the rest of the world is its great professional staff. Over the past 4 decades, the country has introduced a number of improvements, making medical treatment affordable for almost every citizen. Urgent and essential health care services are provided based on the needs rather than financial opportunities. This fact alone shows how generous the Canadian government and its healthcare professionals are. When it comes to healthcare, they value fairness and equality more than other nations do. The local healthcare system keeps getting improved as the nation's population increases. It is also important to acknowledge that the very essence of healthcare is also undergoing change. The organization, whose staff is made up mostly of primary care nurses or emergency care nurses, provides free health care services to the UK population. That is the reason why the job of Registered Nurse is so prevalent in local healthcare institutions. Specialized caregivers account for another sizeable portion of the healthcare sector. Each young professional is provided with a lot of opportunities for professional development and further career growth. We are slowly learning that procedures and drugs are not always universally effective. Not only must we alter our care of patients depending upon these cultural and social factors, we may also need to alter our entire emotional and psychological approach to them as well. This is the type of extraordinary care that I received as a child—care that seemed to approach my injuries with a much larger and deeper picture than that which pure medicine cannot offer—and it is this sort of care I want to provide my future patients. I turned what might have been a debilitating event in my life—a devastating car accident—into the inspiration that has shaped my life since. I am driven and passionate. And while I know that the pediatric surgery program at Johns Hopkins will likely be the second biggest challenge I will face in my life, I know that I am up for it. AMCAS essays are limited to characters—not words! This includes spaces. Make sure the information you include in your essay doesn't conflict with the information in your other application materials. Look at the essay as an opportunity to tell your story rather than a burden. Keep the interview in mind as you write. You will most likely be asked questions regarding your essay during the interview, so think about the experiences you want to talk about. When you are copying and pasting from a word processor to the AMCAS application online, formatting and font will be lost. Avoid overly controversial topics. Revise, revise, revise. Have multiple readers look at your essay and make suggestions. Go over your essay yourself many times and rewrite it several times until you feel that it communicates your message effectively and creatively. Make the opening sentence memorable. Admissions officers will read dozens of personal statements in a day. You must say something at the very beginning to catch their attention, encourage them to read the essay in detail, and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Character traits to portray in your essay include: maturity, intellect, critical thinking skills, leadership, tolerance, perseverance, and sincerity. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be writing this essay and planning for yet another ten years into the future, part of me would have been surprised. I am a planner and a maker of to-do lists, and it has always been my plan to follow in the steps of my father and become a physician. This plan was derailed when I was called to active duty to serve in Iraq as part of the War on Terror. I joined the National Guard before graduating high school and continued my service when I began college. My goal was to receive training that would be valuable for my future medical career, as I was working in the field of emergency health care. It was also a way to help me pay for college. In the U. The U. I feel like health care all over the world is not equal for everyone. I am going to focus on 3 different countries and also focus on how men and women get different health care options within their country.